Lecithin is the popular and commercial name for a naturally occurring mixture of phosphatides (also called phospholipids or, more recently by biochemists, phosphoglycerides), which varies in color from light tan to dark reddish brown and in consistency from a fluid to a plastic solid. Lecithin is the gummy material contained in crude vegetable oils and removed by degumming.

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Product Specifications

SKU/Item Number: SNE004

Non GMO Soya Lecithin Paint Grade


PRODUCT NAME                                  : Non GMO Soya Lecithin (Liquid, Paint Grade)
SYNONYMS                                           : Phosphatidylcholine
ORIGIN                                                  : Non GMO Soya Bean
CAS NUMBER                                        : 8002-43-5
IUPAC NAME                                        : (2R)-2,3-di(tetradecanoyloxy)propyl]   2-(trimethylazaniumyl)ethyl
MOLECULAR FORMULA                     : C36H72NO8P
MOLECULAR WEIGHT                         : 677.932541 [g/mol]
TRAIFF NUMBER                                  : 292320


APPEARANCE                                        : Semi Liquid
COLOUR                                                : 20 Max on Gardner scale
MOISTURE                                             : Max. 1.0%                                          
ACID VALUE                                          : Max. 30 KOH/g Max                         
PEROXIDE VALUE                                 : Max. 5.0 m.eq
HEXANE INSOLUBLE                            : Max. 0.30 % C                                      
ACETONE INSOLUBLES                       : Min. 55%                                              
VISCOSITY                                             : 80 - 120 Poise

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